Providing long term solutions

Delivering the results you expect

Audio visual design and installations

AV Design - Testing - Installations - Servicing

We don’t aim to be the cheapest but we do aim to deliver the results expected.

We use engineering principles and the application of science and physics to design solutions for our clients.

Our designs take longer to prepare than most of our competitors but we can be confident that the results will meet the performance standards of our clients and the performance standards we expect of a system. We take the guesswork out and do the calculations required for a successful result.

We offer client training and a printed manual for the installed systems.

Our work is our best advertising.

We have the tools and technology to measure the important parameters of room acoustics and sound systems. We can assist with solving problems and setting up Audio systems to work their best.

Soundwise offers Audio Visual Design and Installations for Churches, Schools, Auditoriums, Retirement Villages, Clubs and other venues; as well as Compliance Testing for Hearing Assistance Systems.

Sound Systems

We don’t guess at what is needed. Each space is different, and Soundwise applies an in-depth analysis of the room acoustics for each sound system we work on.

Visual Systems

Soundwise works with the visual system you may already have; and can upgrade it in stages if needed to get the best visual system for your needs.

Hearing Assistance

We work with Induction Loops, Infra Red Systems and FM wireless systems to provide effective solutions for people with a hearing disability.

Auditorium Acoustics

Some rooms must work well for speech and music, and this can often prove to be challenging to accommodate. Soundwise can assist you in achieving this.

Contact Details

Gordon Prier (Registered Electrical Service Technician, IQP, A Grade TV Technician)

Phone: 021 263 8158


Postal:  PO Box 5012, Papanui, Christchurch 8542