Sound Systems – Design, Installation and Upgrades

We don’t guess at what is needed for a sound system, and we don’t have the attitude “this worked for them so will be perfect here”. Each job is different and each space is different with its own challenges and requirements.

We apply an in-depth analysis of the room acoustics to the choice and location for the speaker system. This also involves careful choice of speakers based firstly on the coverage and suitability for the room and the requirements of the system to be installed. The systems STI (Sound Transmission Index) is looked at for the room as is the need for full coverage of the audience with acceptable ratios of direct to reverberant sound. The calculations involved are significant and and very complex. The application of Ease software to this task allows fast and accurate results and the flexibility to trial different options to get the best solutions for a project and stay within budget. It allows the rooms acoustics to be factored into the sound system design so these work together to give an outcome that meets or exceeds the requirements.

The result will be a system that works well, with consistent sound levels and speech clarity. Even when working from plans we can listen to the finished room and installed sound system through the computer modelling and anticipate potential problems with either the rooms acoustics, or the proposed sound system. This lets us prevent expensive mistakes.

We don’t aim to be the cheapest but we aim to deliver what we promise and that includes satisfaction for the client. We aim to provide a long term solution, a system where the main components will be effective for 20 years, and that can mean that our design will be very cost effective, and a greener approach through less wastage.

We will use products that are supported by reputable importers with good warranties.

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